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Windows 7 Home Premium gives you the opportunity to create a home network and share all your favourite photos, videos and music. Watching live TV programs is no longer a problem! With Windows 7 Home you can watch, share, pause or save them at any time. Buy Windows 7 Home Premium and enjoy your computer fully.

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The Best entertainments

Share and save music, videos and photos thanks to Windows Live Essentials that creates a complementarity between the actions taken on your pc and the applications that you use online. (Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live Hotmail, Flickr…)

New Aero features

•Aero Peek : Allows you to view the desktop quickly when overloaded by open windows! Just point the cursor on the lower right corner of the screen and the windows will only leave their outline, which can be useful when you want to watch a gadget quickly.

• Aero Shake : Allows you to hide the windows except the one you are using. Shake the window you are using and the others will be reduced. Conversely to make them all reappear.

• Aero Snap : Allows you to compare two windows and organize your workspace. Simply “bang” the first window against the right edge, the second window against the left window and your windows will be side by side.


Faster start up and shutdown than older Windows versions. Fast and simple connection to wireless networks just with a single click you can access all types of networks available.

Product specifications

INCLUDED PROGRAMS Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
LICENSING TYPE One-time Payment

Information on Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key before you Purchase

The Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key is popular among several people who use the Windows 7 OS for personal matters at their house. At Mysoftwarekeys, you would certainly find this product available at the price comfortable even for those who have a tight budget. Before you activate the product key you must note down the following things.

– You shall need 1 GHz processor. If you can manage to have 32-Bit or 64-Bit processor then its great.
– You need 20GB hard disk space for the 64-Bit processor and 16GB hard disk space for the 32Bit processor for the Operating System to function smoothly.
– You need Microsoft Account. You don’t have one then please create as you will need one when you activate the product key.
– You would require the DirectX 9 graphics processor with Windows Display Driver Model for better functionality.
– Internet access is very much necessary for while activating the Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key.

Product installation

This is a brand new genuine cd key for Microsoft Windows 7 Home.
You must own the installation files.
This is an unused, brand new CD Key Windows, which can be used to activate the software legitimately.
You can use this CD Key to activate Windows 7 Home.
Note: If you are unable to obtain an installation DVD or USB drive, please download the respective system setup file from Windows.