We recommend that you remove all previous versions before installing a new Office version.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email (1 to 10 minutes) with your product license key and instructions to activate it, please also check your spam folder.

Yes, you can get a key replacement at any time or ask for help by simply contacting our customer support by email: contact@prowebsoftware.net

How to Activate Microsoft Office Professional 2021 / Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business

VERY IMPORTANT: You ABSOLUTELY MUST use “activation by phone”.
Step 1: Download the file installation by clicking on this link : 1) Microsoft Office 2021 Professional (Windows) => click here <= 2) Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business (MAC) => click here <=
Step 2: Install Office 2021 and launch Word or Excel

Step 3 : Click “Change license”

Step 4 : Click “Use a different account”

Step 5 : Click “Enter product key instead”

Step 6 : Enter key and click “Activate”

Step 7 : Click “Activate the product”

Step 8 (very important ) : Click “I want to activate the software by telephone

Step 9 : Go to https://microsoft.gointeract.io/ (click directly on the link) choose the 7 digit option, and enter your installation ID. Once the boxes are filled in, click on submit. You will have a message asking you how many PCs the license has been installed on, put 0 and enter the confirmation ID.

Step 10 : Provide the ID you received by phone

Step 11 : it’s ok your product is activated

For any problem with your license key (invalid code, download problem, or other) please send us your error message (screenshot of your entire screen) and the order number to our email : contact@prowebsoftware.net and your license key will be replaced within 24 hours maximum (response within a few hours).

You can contact us :

Email: contact@prowebsoftware.net


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