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Having accrued over 35 years combined experience in the industry, working with some of the biggest global organisations out there, Prowebsoftware has become an established Sencha technologies partner, becoming the UK's #1 Select Partner in the process.

We have in-house capability to provide the entire package for your application including UX, Design, Front and Backend Development including databases, hosting and deployment.


Ashley Coker

CEO and founding director with an exceptional record of creating functionally rich, fast, stable web-based software. Experienced in leading the development and launch of highly successful and innovative enterprise level software.

Tom Cooksey

CTO and director whose technical competence in complex system architecture and ability to mastermind compelling user-interface places him at the top of his field.


We have been Sencha Select partners since 2013. We were chosen to be the only partner in the UK to up-hold the standards set by Sencha. Thanks to our unique relationship we are able to work closely to help our clients even further than before.

There are nearly 2000 companies that have registered themselves as offering Sencha based services. ProWeb has now reached the top of this list, knocking some rather large competitors out of the way due to our strong capability backed up with numerous endorsements.

Where are we based?

We are based in Hook, north Hampshire (just parralel to the M3) - 45 minutes from London.

Development Platforms

We support and develop software and apps for all 4 major platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blackberry

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